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Anonymous Torrent Downloads

For the most part, I oppose downloading files via bittorrent. It's one of the most risk-prone download options as it's heavily tracked in the United States and abroad. Really, there are more privacy friendly download options out there. But, that doesn't mean you need to skip downloading files using torrents - not even close.


Just say no…. to torrents*

Downloading files with a torrent software, uTorrent, BitComet, Vuze, Tixati or whatever you choose, is pretty easy. It can be pretty fast, too, depending on what you're downloading and your internet speed. This is why torrents are such a popular download option: you find a file, and if it has seeds, you can probably download it. Your browser of choice doesn't matter, your operating system doesn't much matter, it doesn't matter where you find the torrent or now-common magnet link or the software you use to download torrents: files are just "there" for the downloading without much fuss.


Download Files? Win a Free iPad

Zevera Giving away a free iPad - November Promotion

I just stumbled upon this a couple of hours back and wanted to post it here. Zevera, a multihost download service will be giving away new iPad to a premium account member who purchases a premium account between November 20th and November 30th, 2012. This promo offer is open to new and existing Zevera members, and you are automatically entered into the drawing once you sign up for a premium account.


Frustrating Yet Free Downloads – Not Worth It

Over the past year or so, I've written quite a bit about free downloads. My thoughts have always been they're ok for the occasional, one-off small download, but they're not worth it if you're downloading a large number of files or even if you're just downloading a few larger files. Well, my opinion has changed a bit in this regard.


Free VPN Services Update

It's been a while - almost a year exactly, but I've updated the list of free VPN servers on this site. I've added Hotspot Shield (a glaring omission in the last update), VPN Book, USA IP and a few untested free VPN providers to the list.